SEO audit and analysis

Post Panda and Penguin algorithmic changes website owners and SEO agencies around the world have been in a fix on what works best. One thing is true and that is gone are the days of websites getting top positions on search engines on their keywords after a few months. Now websites have to earn their positions by following the right procedures but it seems like that people are quite disheartened by the changes and have shifted to paid marketing be it through PPC, paid banner ads or social media marketing.

I would like to point out however that the ground rules remain the same and that your website must have all the ingredients that make it informative and appealing to the visitor. Your web page

  1. Must have a descriptive title,
  2. Related content must exist on the page,
  3. Meta tags must be well defined and
  4. Your website must be mobile friendly now if you want to be found on mobile search results.

Website owners running their websites may not have information on this or may not think of it as being important so I am providing this service which will let you know if your website is optimized correctly or not.

If you would like to know more about this service or if you have any further questions/comments regarding it then please contact me