On Page SEO Services

On Page SEO Services by Adeel Sarfraz

On page SEO refers to the set of steps performed directly on your web page or website to optimize them for search engines and make them more meaningful for potential visitors to your website. These set of steps are visible to the concerned client as he can see what changes are taking place on his website/web page.

The following attributes on the web page are affected during this process:

  1. Title of page.
  2. Meta tags of page.
  3. Headers returned by the web page.
  4. Actual headings on the web page which tell what this page is all about.
  5. Navigation structure of the page.
  6. Search engine friendly URLs.
  7. Integration with social media (Facebook, Twitter, Google+ etc)

Please note that the above is not a final list and can be expanded upon depending on the SEO health of the website.

Most of the time these steps are needed to be done once during the start of the optimization process but in some cases they may need to be repeated in cases where the website needs to improve on highly competitive keywords.

If you need my help you optimize/review your website for on page SEO then please contact me. Please do not forget to provide your website URL 🙂