Email Marketing

Email marketing is the process of sending out emails to your customers regarding some promotion or discount on the service/product you are offering. The email can also contain information regarding any new product. Email marketing is one of the fastest ways to promote your offer to your customers and review its response.

Primary purpose of sending emails to your customer is

1. To enhance relationship with current and/or old customers.
2. To encourage customer loyalty and repeat business.
3. Convince customers to purchase something immediately.

I have experience in running your email marketing campaign from start to finish. I will

1. Design attractive newsletter showcasing your product/service
2. Create HTML email template.
3. Send out emails to your subscribers on your company’s behalf.
4. Process any bounces resulting from the email campaign.
5. Remove hard bounces (invalid emails) from your subscriber list.

I have experience of running and managing newsletter campaigns using Interspire Email application as well as PHPList.

If you would like to run something similar for your company product/service then do let me know

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