eBay product management from your website

Nearly every one who buys and sells items online has heard of eBay and most probably has an account on it as well. eBay is an online marketplace which allows any person or company to sell its products to other people anywhere in the world. The amount of people visiting eBay every day (over 2 million visitors) is quite high and it would not make sense if online store owners do not take advantage of this and list their products on eBay.

However, many online store owners manage the products on their website separately from their eBay shop. This becomes an extra burden for them as they have to log in into two different back office panels (one for their website and the other on eBay) to manage their products. Not only that they need to keep themselves updated of any change in the inventory on either website and keep both channels updated. They also need to download orders from eBay and then use it to update the inventory on their website.

All the above steps take a long amount of time and store owners spend more time on doing all these tasks rather than thinking of ways to increase their website sales. Even if they hire some one to do this task it still takes time and the answer to this would probably be a eBay product management facility which they could setup on their website and use it to manage products on eBay.

I have developed a simple eBay product management facility which shop owners can use to manage their products. You need to enter your products once and then use the same interface to list the products on eBay. You will also be able relist as well as delist items on eBay using the same interface.

If you wish to check out the website product management facility for eBay I have developed then please contact me so that I can provide you access to it.

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