How to resolve the Zen Cart Illegal mix of collations error

We had deployed a Zen Cart website and we came up with the following error in the Zen Cart admin panel when clicking on the Tools -> Send Email link. Illegal mix of collations (latin1_swedish_ci,IMPLICIT) and (latin1_general_ci,IMPLICIT) for operation ‘locate’ After checking the table collation in PHPmyAdmin I found that the subscribers table (created when … Read more

How to offer discounts and coupons to customers using Facebook Like

I have come across some businesses offering discounts, offers, video downloads, documents etc. to users on Facebook and in return they ask them to simply Like their page. This is quite a good idea as it helps them to attract leads/sales from Facebook and it serves as an additional revenue generation model apart from search … Read more

List of test credit card numbers for Sage Pay

If you are using Sage Pay Form and wish to test whether the integration is working correctly or not you can use the following test credit card numbers for placing orders. Visa (VISA) 4929000000006 MasterCard (MC) 5404000000000001 Visa Debit / Delta (DELTA) 4462000000000003 Solo (SOLO) 6334900000000005 Issue 1 UK Maestro / International Maestro (MAESTRO) 5641820000000005 … Read more

Too many cookies is never a good thing

We all know websites store cookies so that they can identify the visitor, his preferences, his shopping behavior and so on. These cookies are stored on the visitor’s browser and websites read these cookies to determine visitor information. Nearly every other website stores cookies on the visitor’s browser. Due to this reason browsers place a … Read more

Increase sales conversion with relevant product search results

Website conversion has always been important for website owners as they look for ROI on their investment. Rightly so as they spend thousands on developing a website and they expect a financial return so they could cover up their costs. They invest on a slick design, catchy graphics and nice behaviors which should attract any … Read more