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Is SEO dead for companies in Pakistan

Some years back (2005 to be exact) I joined a UK based web design agency and got my first hand experience of seeing websites optimized for keywords requested by clients and those keywords then achieving page 1 positions on Google

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301 redirect folder url to root url using htaccess

Our SEO department recently tweaked the URLs of a client website in order to improve the search engine rankings. The change was minor and they just removed a category path from the URL which shortened the actual length of the

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My blog number 1 on Yahoo and Bing for Pakistan Web Development Consultant

I just checked results for Pakistan Web Development Consultant on Yahoo and Bing and my blog was ranked at top position on both search engines. It has some way to go on Google but I think I will be achieve

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How the Accordion effect helps to optimize your website?

We all know that content is king when we talk of websites trying to achieve high rankings on Google. To achieve this effect website owners employ content writers to write keyword rich content for their websites. Sometimes they go overboard

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Add WordPress blog to your website in a day

Most of the time I see postings from clients where they require a blog to be added to their websites so they can update latest news regarding their website on it and keep the website “fresh” for search engines and

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Importance of optimizing your website for region based results

In this day and age where there are over 8 billion websites operating all around the world the competition has gone up tremendously. Today if you search for a product or service you will have a search count going over

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How to specify canonical page for Google

If your website has some pages which have highly similar content then that may prove detrimental to your SEO efforts. How you may ask? Take for example the following 3 URLs http://www.example.com/some_page.php?arg1=val1 http://www.example.com/some_page.php?arg1=val1&arg2=val2 http://www.example.com/some_page.php?arg1=val1&arg2=val2&arg3=val3 As you may notice the page

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How can I quicken my link submission to directories

If you have submitted your website link to directories on the web you will have come across the following steps. 1. Finding a directory or directory category which fits your website theme. 2. Checking the PR level of the directory.

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