Customize menus in Joomla 1.5

Joomla 1.5 has come a long way since Joomla 1.2. Earlier if you had to customize a module you had two choices: 1. Edit code in the actual module file. 2. Write custom code to implement the functionality. Choosing either of the two steps would involve more time and in the end it also invited … Read more

Custom Error Handling in PHP

While working on PHP websites you may have come across error messages like Fatal Error, Warning and Notice of one sort or the other. These are fine while the website is in development phase however once the website goes to production these messages do not look professional and the visitor may feel that the website … Read more

Passing by reference in PHP

There are two ways to pass a variable to a function. Pass by value and pass by reference. Here we’ll discuss passing a variable by reference to a function. When you need to actually modify the value of the variable you need to pass it by reference. Actually reference means to pass the address of … Read more

Redirect from non-SSL to SSL pages in PHP

If you are working on a website which is hosted on a Windows machine and needs to be browsed in SSL aka Secure Sockets Layer by visitors then you can use the following code to make sure that visitors are made to do it. Place the following code at the top of the file. First … Read more