How to setup Magento store on your PC

If you going to start working on Magento (e-commerce package) then you can do the following steps and you will have your store ready in a jiffy. 1. First download the Magento e-commerce software from 2. Click on Download and you will be taken to 3. If you would like to register on … Read more

How to debug an error in Zencart

By default Zencart disables all types of errors. Due to this if an error is encountered then all you would see is the “dreaded white page” and that is bad programming practice if you are developing in PHP. As PHP is a scripting language it stops execution as soon as it encounters an error due … Read more

PHP error messages while uploading file

Some times while uploading a file through PHP you may encounter some errors. These errors can be accessed by the $_FILES[<field_name>][‘error’]. The $_FILES[<field_name>][‘error’] returns the error number i.e. from 0-8. If you receive 0 then all is fine and the file has uploaded successfully. If other than 0 then most probably it is an issue … Read more