How to fetch images from remote server using PHP

We were updating the products on a client website from a new supplier. The supplier provided a CSV file containing the list of products and related information however they did not provide any product images. After browsing their website I found that they had saved all of their product images by the SKU name of … Read more

How to display address details of the customer in Zencart entered on PayPal

The following applies to customers who are using Zencart with PayPal IPN payment module. Customers have the option to change their address on PayPal after leaving the merchant website. When this happens and the customer enters an address which is not covered by the Seller Protection policy the merchant is in danger of facing chargeback … Read more

Why shipping address not being passed to PayPal using Zencart PayPal IPN

Zencart provides a number of payment modules by default. One of those is PayPal IPN (Instant Payment Notification) which you can enable from the Zencart admin panel. PayPal IPN works like PayPal Website Payments Standard with the added benefit that PayPal notifies the merchant website when the customer has successfully completed the transaction on the … Read more

Why am I not able to view any images on my PHP website on FastCGI?

Most probably you have .htaccess files in your subfolders which are there to restrict access to files and other resources in those subfolders. FastCGI based web servers sometimes do not serve pages properly in cases where the .htaccess files do not have Options entry in the AllowOverride apache directory configuration. A far simple resolution would … Read more

How to consume WSDL in PHP using NuSOAP

I recently got a requirement from a client for a facility to display products/categories prices in real time on his website. The client’s website was related to home interiors, blinds and curtains and as he was short on staff he wanted the website to fetch the products, images and prices without any human interference. He … Read more

How to send emails in PHP using PHPMailer

We all know how to send out email using the mail() function in PHP. It asks for a few things like the recipient email address, subject, message text. Add to that the optional headers argument with which you can set the content type of the email, the sender email address, file attachments etc and you … Read more