How can I quicken my link submission to directories

If you have submitted your website link to directories on the web you will have come across the following steps.

1. Finding a directory or directory category which fits your website theme.
2. Checking the PR level of the directory. This step may be overlooked sometimes.
3. Submitting your website detail to that website directory.

Now if you follow the above steps for 50 to 100 websites you will find that its very time consuming and frustrating if you are operating more than one website.

What SubmitEaze provides you is the following

1. Large list of quality directories and their relevant Google PR.
2. Prioritize link submission accordingly.
3. Use the Auto-Fill button to fill all your details with the click of a button. You don’t need to retype the same information over and over again.

Just by looking at the steps above you will see that you save a lot of time and effort by using the SubmitEaze software to do all your link submission.

I use SubmitEaze on a regular basis. Download your copy today

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