Terrorism in Karachi on Kashmir Day

I had gone to the office today to work on an urgent project which needed to be completed this week so it could be launched and marketed in the next week to prospective customers in a trade fair. February 5 is Kashmir day in Pakistan and it is public holiday. I decided to go by public transport to the office.

We then went for Juma prayers to a masjid near the office. We continued with our work. Then our lunch from Karachi Food arrived. We sat down to take lunch when all of a sudden we started to hear sirens of ambulances. We first thought that they were heading towards the procession which was passing through MA Jinnah road. However, when the frequency of those sirens start to increase we felt that there may be some problem in the city.

Sure enough one of the guys received a call from his friend and told him of the explosion which happened on Nursery. Now Nursery is 1km away from our office so you could understand that we were a bit apprehensive as we knew from past happenings in the city that these sort of things invite miscreants who go on a rampage burning cars and shops.

So, after discussions with management we set off for home. Now I hadn’t brought my car and I started looking for a taxi. As luck would have it, I got a coach on my route and was home by 5pm.

By that time the details had started coming through on TV. The explosion happened near the Tariq Road flyover. Over 12 people were killed and the injured were taken to JPMC.

A sad day for Karachiites.

Another bomb explosion occurred at the JPMC. Stretchers flew in the air and people were really thrown around. 10 people killed and 40 people injured.

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