Pakistan Energy “Con”servation Policy 2010

The summer is now in full swing in Pakistan and April, May and June are the hottest months in Pakistan with the temperatures ranging from 40C to 52C and sometimes even more. With the heat picking up people switch to fans, A/C’s, etc. as it becomes unbearable. However Pakistan, being a resource short country, is not able to cater for such high demand and the electricity power distribution companies resort to “load shedding” in order to maintain the supply equally among the demand.

This load shedding is nothing new. This has been happening for a long time however this time the situation has gone out of control. Electricity is not available for 6 to 10 hours a day and in some places over 12 hours a day.

So, our “high-ups” in Islamabad held an energy conservation meeting and decided on the following points

1. Traders are to close their businesses by 8pm every night
For a country where the daily retail business starts at 12 in the afternoon and then goes on till midnight, this will surely frustrate the shop owners who say that they are not provided electricity during the day time and there may be cases of non-compliance.

Government offices and all affiliated organizations would observe a 5 day working week and observe a 2 day holiday.
People already complain that the staff in the government offices work at a snail’s pace and with 5 days work schedule the speed will surely slow down further and not pick up as thought by the government.

Marriage halls will have to wind up wedding ceremonies by 12am
This has been already enforced all around the country due to the law and order situation.

Air conditioners in government offices would be switched on after 11am.
Government offices start at 9am but 80% staff does not turn up at that time. They usually come around at a later hour. So, whether this will have an effect remains to be seen.

If all the above points are viewed and studied they will not have a big impact on the current energy crisis. The crisis will continue on a year by year basis till the government takes serious steps to generate cheap and economical energy using water, wind and coal.

Should they go for thermal (as our power minister seems to be very much inclined towards it) the people should say good bye to power and prepare for tough conditions in the near future.

Nigeria is one country where they say electricity comes for 4-5 hours a day and the rest of the time people use generators to fulfil their needs. Hope that we don’t come to that.

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