Steps to follow if you are about to lose your job in your company

Company out of business

If you come to know some day that your company is closing due to change of business vision, heavy losses due to recession or some very bad business decisions and you may be out of a job in a couple of months or maybe even days then you should review the points below:

1. Firstly don’t lose hope and say thanks to Allah that you have come to know about this before the actual event happened. Just think what could you have done if you came to your office one day and you were just given your check and told that the company you worked for the past 2, 3, 5 or 10 years is no more or worse you may not even have gotten your check. Companies have closed overnight with people coming the next day and scratching their heads as to what in the world has happened so be thankful. Emotions such as anger, disappointment and sorrow are normal but you need to say it in your heart that you will get through it and get a job as soon as possible.

2. Start updating your resume as soon as possible. Put in all the projects you have worked on during this time and mention your professional qualities as well. Think very carefully regarding which companies you want to apply and the positions you want to apply in those companies.

3. If you didn’t read a paper newspaper before on Sundays then you should revisit that thought and ask the newspaper delivery boy to drop a copy of the most circulated newspapers at your home. Start making notes of the job postings in the paper and start applying. Remember that there may be others like you who are applying for the same job so its best to apply as quickly as possible. Even though some companies make an effort to go as many resumes as possible but you should make a mental note that they may not go through each resume and may randomly call candidates for interview.

4. If you don’t have an account on any job portal website then now is the chance to register and upload your resume to these websites. Most companies nowadays post job ads on these websites rather than posting it in the paper. You can also setup job alerts on these websites which will inform you whether a job related to your industry and skill set has been posted on the website.

Linked In

5. If you have an account on Linked In then you can set your status to inform others in your circle that you are looking for another job opportunity. Please beware of your boss being present in your contact list if you go down this route. The best option would be to send private message to the contacts in your list as well as others in your professional group and send them your resume so if they have any upcoming opportunity they can pass it onto you.

Finally pray as much as you can to Allah to give you a better job option as soon as possible.

Hope the above helped someone.

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