How to install the Comodo SSL seal on your website?

For those of you who take sensitive information from customers such as personal or payment information you will most probably use SSL to make your website safer from sniffers. Installing SSL on your web server is a some what technical task and its always better to leave it to your support and networking personnel to handle it.

However, installing the SSL seal on your website is a fairly easy task. We will be talking about about the Comodo SSL seal which can be installed in 3 easy steps on your website.

Once Comodo approve your SSL request you will receive an email from them in which they provide the URL to access their logos.

They give you choice of logos to install on your website. Once you have decided which logo to install you should right click on it and save it on to your computer. Then you should upload it online to your website folder. Next you will provide Comodo the exact URL for the image. If the URL is correct Comodo will display the image on the webpage. If its not then you will need to check the URL you have provided them.

Once the image is sorted out you need to copy two Javascript codes such that one is copied before the ending head tag and the other before the ending body tag. This code should be copied on all pages where you need to show the Comodo seal.

Next you should upload the relevant files online. Run your website and if everything was done correctly you should see the logo on your website. Comodo also provides other features such as whether you want the logo to float or remain locked in one position. Its up to you which option you want.

Hope the above helped

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