How to add reminder to Outlook from a web page

Have you ever felt the need of buying an item or service while surfing the internet? The answer to that would obviously be YES but maybe you felt that you would like to buy it at some other time due to some constraint like out of money, broke, waiting for special occasion etc. This happens to nearly everyone of us but the other thing that happens as well is that we tend to forget about the item and the event for which we had chosen not to buy in the first place and finally end up with nothing. Ahh! the human mind.

The above scenario happens to most customers while shopping online and this ends up as lost sales for the business owner which is a loss loss situation for all parties. So, how to get out of this situation? The best option for the business owner (in this case a website owner) is to setup a reminder link on his website which will allow the customer to create a reminder on Google, Yahoo, Bing or Outlook (the visitor may use anyone which he/she uses on a regular basis). We will be discussing Outlook here. For the others there is a lot of information on the web. I will discuss them too in due time.

Setting up a reminder on Outlook from a web page may sound complex but it’s really very simple. Just follow the steps below

1. Go to the ICalendar page and copy the code from there.

2. We will make some changes to the code that has been copied to tailor it according to our requirements. Following is the code

PRODID:-//hacksw/handcal//NONSGML v1.0//EN
UID:Enter a unique id to represent this reminder
DTSTART;VALUE=DATE:20100831  (the start date of the event)
DTEND;VALUE=DATE:20100831     (the end date of the event)
SUMMARY:Give the name of the reminder here
DESCRIPTION:Describe the reminder here. Mention the URL of the page as well

3. Copy the code into notepad and save it with .ics extension

If you double click the file it will open up Outlook and let you review the reminder text and make any sort of changes by which you would like to remember it by. Once saved, Outlook will remind you of the event.

You can also use a script to make the reminder text dynamic and therefore allow you to generate reminders for each product and service on your website.

Hope the above helps. If you need my help then do let me know and I will be more than happy to help you.

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