Punishment for the Aashiq-e-Majaz

This is the second part of the earlier post. These verses talk about the punishment going to be meted out to those who indulge in the affairs of the heart with the opposite sex instead of concentrating on the religion.

These verses are also in Roman Urdu and hope you are able to understand the message behind it

Aashiq-e-Majaz Ki Pitaai

muahabbat barha k na pit jaaiyay ga
muhabbat se pehlay he hat jaaiyay ga

na manay to phir meer pachhtaiyay ga
lahoo apni aankhon se barsaiyay ga

kabhee aaiyay ga kabhee jaiyay ga
na lekin kisi kal sukoon paaiyay ga

siwa gham k har giz na kuchh paaiyay ga
sitam muft may jaan per dhaaiyay ga

ye maanaa k us but per mar jaaiyay ga
magar meer mar kar k kya paaiyay ga

kabhee husn-e-rafta se sharmaaiyay ga
nadamat se ay meer gar jaaiyay ga

ye ub aur zulfain siyaah aur chehra
khabar hai kahan se kahan jaaiyay ga

na bun aaey gee laakh pachhtaaiyay ga
khud apnay kiyay ki saza paaiyay ga

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