Increase sales conversion with relevant product search results

Website conversion has always been important for website owners as they look for ROI on their investment. Rightly so as they spend thousands on developing a website and they expect a financial return so they could cover up their costs. They invest on a slick design, catchy graphics and nice behaviors which should attract any visitor who visits their website. Most of the time this logic works and it does keep the visitor on the website and the longer the visitor is on the website the more chances of conversion.

This logic however fails if the visitor is not able to find what he is looking for. Why?

If you have a website which sells products or in other words an e-commerce website then it is very important that your Site search (this is the search box on your website) facility provides targeted results. Most websites are being developed on some type of framework these days and due to this the problem is wide spread. Website owners have come across comments from several potential customers complaining that they were not able to find a specific product on the website even though that product existed on the website.

After investigation it was found that:

  1. Site search provided results which were not entirely related to the product that was actually being searched for by the visitor.
  2. Actual product searched was found to be way down in the search results where in fact it should have been at the top.
  3. In some cases even entering the actual product name did not provide any result and visitor was asked to search again for that product.

One can see how frustrating this can be to the visitor. You can liken the above to the following example

Suppose you need to buy a pair of jeans. You go to a departmental store. You give your query to the sales representative and expect him to show you the products you are interested in. If the sales representative starts to show you shirts or trousers instead of jeans would you not be frustrated? How about you ask for a specific brand jeans and he instead shows you jeans of some other brands? How would you feel if you ask for your favorite jeans and he says that they don’t have it even though you can see that they do?

You would most probably think that the store doesn’t want to make money and you would most probably not return to that store in the near future.

Seeing how important search is website owners need to check the site search results to make sure that they don’t lose a customer.

If you are owner of a website where the site search is not giving the right results then let me know and I can help you to sort it out.

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