Too many cookies is never a good thing

We all know websites store cookies so that they can identify the visitor, his preferences, his shopping behavior and so on. These cookies are stored on the visitor’s browser and websites read these cookies to determine visitor information. Nearly every other website stores cookies on the visitor’s browser. Due to this reason browsers place a limit on how many cookies they can store. This limit is not uniform across all browsers. Web servers too have a limit on how much information they can process. Cookies are sent in the header request to the web server and the web server reads it from there and continues to act based on that information. However web servers place a limit on the size of the header that is being sent to it and if the size of the header increases than the maximum limit then you will receive the following error message on the web page.

400 – Bad Request
Your browser sent a request that this server could not understand.
Size of a request header field exceeds server limit.

If you ever face this issue then you simply need to clear your browser cookies and re-try. Chances are it will work after that.

You can increase the limit of the header size at the web server level however most people don’t need this.

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