Tips to improve your email delivery rate

After writing doing email marketing the right way, I thought of giving some more tips on improving your email delivery rate as well as increasing chances of your email being read by the end user. After all it won’t do you any good if the people you are sending the emails to aren’t receiving them in the first place.

Email subject should be mixed case

Many email marketers think that if they send the email with subject in upper case characters then the user would be forced to open the email and read it. Nothing could be farther from the truth. Mail servers using anti spam software send these type of emails to the junk mail/spam folder. Your target user would not receive it at all unless he checks his junk on a regular basis.

Email message should be normal font

You should use normal font size (10-12)  to write your email message. Avoid using bold font and using upper case words in your message. If you need to highlight something then make sure it is your offer such as the price, bulk discount etc.

Use as less images as possible

If you are promoting a product then make sure to use 1-3 good quality pictures in your email and try not to go above this. If you do then anti spam software may mark your email as spam and send it to the junk mail folder. Some people fill their whole email with pictures of their products thinking that it would bring a positive response from the recipient in terms of conversion. They forget that if the recipient does not receive the email in the first place then all their hard work would go to waste.

Personalize your email messages

Using the full name or the first name of the recipient when starting your email is a good way to personalize your message and give the recipient a feeling of 1 to 1 between you and him. Start your email with Dear <recipient name>, or if you know the appropriate salutation you can use Dear Mr./Mrs./Dr./Miss <recipient name> which would be more proper.

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