Impact of EU Cookie Directive on your website

The EU passed a law over a year back which required website owners based in the EU to notify visitors that they are using cookies on their website.

Cookies are basically text files stored on the visitor’s browser. Websites use these cookies to identify visitors. Sometimes they use them to store visitor information that may be further used to identify visitor likes and dislikes with out the visitor himself knowing what is being saved on his browser.

The EU cookie law wants website owners to inform their visitors whether they are using cookies on their website or not and if they are using cookies then what type of information are they storing on them. The law also requires the website owners to inform whether the visitor information they are storing in cookies would be made available to 3rd party marketing companies or not.

Visitors can then make an informed decision on whether to continue browsing the website or not once they know what type of information is being saved and how it’s going to be used.

If you are based in the EU and have a website then I can audit your website for free. Feel free to contact me for cookie review of your website.

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