How to disable IP address validation in WHM so that your webmail session is not lost

If you are using web mail to check your emails on a regular basis and you have multiple ISPs or a single ISP with dynamic IP address then you may have come across the issue of losing your web mail session when the IP address changes for one reason or the other.
Although this is not a major problem but it can be frustrating if you have written a long email to your client and you are logged out from web mail when you click the Send button.

Disable IP address validation in your WHM
Disable IP address validation in your WHM

Fortunately there is a solution to this problem and it is available in your WHM panel (Note: This option is not available in shared hosting).

1. Login into your WHM panel.
2. Proceed to Tweak Settings.
3. Enter IP Address in the search box on the Tweak Settings page.
4. Click Disabled against the Cookie IP validation option and click Save and you will not be logged out from your web mail session from now on.

Hope the above helped.

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