How to check the headers of the email received to confirm sender

As the internet grows and the businesses associated with it expand so do the security issues and if you are not alert you could end up with serious problems. I would like to share the following which happened to one of our employees and had his customer not been alert he would have lost a lot of money.

The company I work for requests customers to pay the amount for the car they are interested in buying via telegraph transfer. Our sales personnel forward the bank details to their customers so they can make payment. Once payment is received the car is shipped to the customer and the transaction is completed and every one lives happily ever after :).

However one day a customer of one of our sales team contacted him and inquired why the bank details had changed so quickly. The person in question was quite surprised by this and told him that there was no change in the bank details and they are the same. His customer then forwarded him the email which contained the new bank details. When our staff reviewed those details they were indeed changed and we asked the customer to not make any payment to those details. We then asked him to send us the snap shot of the headers of the email he had received.

After reviewing the snap shot of the email headers we found that some one had used to send the email with the new bank details.

If the customer had not been alert and if he had not contacted us he would have transferred the money to the wrong account and would have lost a lot of money.

Here is an example of the headers in the email sent out by in the email headers

Here is the website itself website

If you would like to see how many websites allow a person to generate fake emails and fake email addresses then you will be surprised by the numbers.

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