Importance of optimizing your website for region based results

In this day and age where there are over 8 billion websites operating all around the world the competition has gone up tremendously. Today if you search for a product or service you will have a search count going over a million at the very least. This is a big number and with new websites coming up each day the chances of everyone gaining a good profit remains dim except for those listed in the first 3 organic result pages of leading search engines.

So, intelligent website owners have now started to optimize their websites for location based results or in other words focusing on local results.

Suppose you are based in New York and want to install a T1 connection at your home. Now go to and do a search for T1 costs. The following results are for March 5 2010.

You will get over 4.43 million results for T1 costs.

Now do a search for T1 costs New York you will get over 3.3 million results for T1 costs.

If you take a look at the results of the two results on Google you would find 2 things

1. The search results are quite different for both phrases. (Obvious but not always true)
2. The search results for the second phrase are offering the same service but their pages are optimized for a particular region.

Those who have optimized their websites for specific locations have an advantage over those who have optimized their website for the base phrase. They have

1. Lesser competition.
2. More visibility on search engine listings.
3. Increased traffic.

Moreover, if you think logically for just a second, a person sitting in New York is more likely to order the service from websites which are coming on top with T1 costs New York as he may think that they are offering the service from his city even though in all actuality the company he selects may well be on the East Coast.

So keep that in mind the next time you are optimizing your website.

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