Importance of a coming soon page for a website

A Coming Soon page is an important if not a necessary step during website development. The coming Soon page usually comes at the end of website development when the website has been developed and is in the testing/quality assurance stage. Depending on the progress at this stage the client can ask the development team to setup this page on his hosting server. Most clients are very eager on the launch of their website especially if it’s their first one and some clients even place ads in the daily newspapers to attract visitors to their website.

A Coming Soon page is a one page HTML which comprises of the website logo, brief introduction of the website, “first to know when the website launches” email input box. If the website is to come up for SEO after its launch then the content is tweaked further to include some content rich keywords and phrases so that if the crawler comes about then it will index the page with those keywords. It does help with future SEO.

People tend to think of the Coming Soon page as just another HTML page however in the light of the above this usually serves as the last step before the website launch and provides good boost to the website upon launch.

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