How the Accordion effect helps to optimize your website?

We all know that content is king when we talk of websites trying to achieve high rankings on Google. To achieve this effect website owners employ content writers to write keyword rich content for their websites. Sometimes they go overboard with keyword stuffing but most of the time these things pay off and they reap huge dividends when their website starts receiving traffic on targeted keywords.

However while all the above is true there are some things which you cannot control and those are client requirements. Clients don’t want to change the look and feel of the website by much (most of the time) and you have limited space to manoeuvre. The reason is that they don’t want the website revenue function to be hampered in any way while at the same time they want their SEO team to provide them the results they are paying them for.

Well the Accordion effect has brought about a much needed solution in this regard. The Accordion effect allows you to update content on the webpage though initially hidden from the visitor. If the visitor clicks on the title of the article then the content is shown otherwise it’s hidden. This effect allows you to optimize the content for the search engine as well as the customer without the danger of Google penalizing your website for hidden content. Accordion has become a very important tool for a SEO as it provides solution in the fast moving and changing environment we live.

If you would like to see the Accordion effect in action on a website then you can browse this page and see how it uses this effect to optimize itself.

Hope the above helped.

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