How can you increase conversion rates with Google Web Optimizer Tool

Most of the times you will find that even when the website is live and running and there are no bugs/issues on the website you will see that not many people are buying the product/service you are offering. You may find that people are visiting your website but due to some reason the number of people converting is still low.

This is often a confusing issue as you don’t know what the exact problem is. Is the problem related to the website performance itself or is related to traffic?

If you go to your SEO team and ask them about website traffic they will provide all the traffic reports and the number of hits, pageviews etc and you won’t be able to point the finger at them as they have all the facts with them.

Then if you ask about website performance from development, they will point to website uptime, no issues/bugs on the website as well as 0 complaints by customers. You will again know that you can’t point the finger at them as they also have the facts with them.

What do you do?

You should do the following

You will HAVE to go through your website and try to identify pages where you think the website has the highest number of bounce rate i.e. pages where the customers go away from your website. If you think that the page(s) in question are not able to bring out the right message to the customer then you will need to make changes to them and experiment with them.

Next go to Create an account if you don’t already have a Google account.

Google has provided this website optimizer tool to help you identify possible issues which you may be overlooking or which the customer may have been having a hard time finding.

You have to create a different URL for the page you are trying to experiment. Google will then use both the new and old versions of the same page and provide you with stats on which page converted better after a certain period .

The Google Web Optimizer helps you to make an informed decision based on the results it provides instead of you blindly making the change in the first place and then ruing your loss if the change did not go according to plan.

Hope the above helped

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