Google adsense does not seem to show up in IE8

Our client wanted to show Google Adsense on some pages of his website.  So after deciding on which pages he wanted to show the ads he supplied the code to us and we placed it on the page.  Straight forward job right? Wrong!

His complete website was in secure mode (SSL) and every time the adsense was executed IE 8 would display a pop up stating that the web page was trying to execute some non secure code and whether the visitor wanted to continue or not. Firefox and Chrome did not have any problem with the code and the adsense was displaying fine on both of them. As most visitors (up to 60% ) used IE for browsing the website the issue needed to be sorted out quickly.

We then sent a ticket to Google outlining the problem we were facing and the reply we got after 3 days was that the adsense script was correct and it has been tested to work on major browsers and we cannot do much in case a particular browser does not display the ads in certain conditions in other words “you are on your own on this one”.

We then had a chat with the client and decided on removing SSL from the complete website except for the registration and payment pages. I know it’s not the most brilliant solution but we did not have a choice in this case. The browser related problem has gone away and most of all the client is happy.

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