What is the eBay Platform Notifications API?

eBay provides a host of APIs on its website. You can browse the complete APIs on the eBay Developer website on this page.

I will be discussing about eBay Platform Notifications API in this post. eBay provides this API to notify the buyer and/or seller regarding a particular event occurring on the eBay website. eBay notifies in two ways

1. Email

2. XML post to website

eBay provides the first option by default to the user however you have the option to disable this notification. The second option is useful in cases where you wish to capture product inventory or order information and take appropriate action.

You can setup notifications for particular actions on eBay using the SetNotificationPreferences method. The method takes the following arguments

1. Notification mode
This can be email or xml post or both. There is no restriction. However, it should be noted that in case of xml post the web page should respond with the HTTP 200 status otherwise eBay will keep sending notifications to the URL till it receives a HTTP 200 status response.

2. Notification type
Notification types are events which when triggered are notified by eBay using the notification mode set above. Again these notifications can be related to the buyer, seller or both.

Once you have set the notifications using the SetNotificationPreferences method you can check whether they have been set correctly or not using the GetNotificationPreferences method. Of course you receive a success or error message in response to your SetNotificationPreferences method request but it’s a good idea to check.

Hope the above helped in providing you a start to the platform notifications API. If you need my help do then let me know.

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