How to start out with eBay Developer program

eBay is one of the world’s largest auction and marketplace where millions of visitors visit each day to trade items online. It offers store owners an opportunity to list their items on eBay and sell them online. eBay also provides its own set of APIs and developers can use them to create applications which they can sell and earn commissions.

If you are a developer and wish to start with eBay API then you would need to register with their eBay Developer website. Click on Join Now and you will be taken to the registration page where you can enter you details and choose your eBay developer ID. After registration is complete and having confirmed your account you can login with your details into the eBay Developer website.

Once you are logged in you can visit the various sections on the website. eBay provides a Sandbox mode which allows you to test your application without incurring any eBay fees. To start using the eBay Sandbox you will need to generate Sandbox keys. Go to Application Keys and select Sandbox and enter the name of your application. eBay will generate the sandbox keys one each for AppID, DevID and CertID. Please note you will be using all of them in your applications.

After creating you Sandbox keys you will need to create 2 sandbox users. One user will be a seller and one will be a buyer. As eBay is a trading platform and as it’s API’s are geared towards one user or the other this step is necessary. Go to My Account page and click on Sandbox User Registration. This step will be needed to be done twice to create user for each type. Please note that emails must be valid otherwise you will not receive any notifications from eBay.

Next step would be to create a user token. You can create a user token for the sandbox buyer or sandbox seller or both. It really depends on what type of application you are building. After eBay generates the user token you will need to save this string some where safe as you will need it along with your sandbox keys.

After doing all of the above steps you can download the SDK for your relevant technology whether it is .NET, Java, JavaScript, Flex or PHP.

Hope the above helps you to start with eBay. If you need further help then do let me know.

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