How to resolve the problem of Dreamweaver 8 closing down unexpectedly?

I came across an unusual problem a couple of days back. I use Macromedia Dreamweaver 8 for projects which involve HTML and PHP. My modus operandi is to create a site for each project. Now due to the number of projects this list had gone to a rather big number with the result that Dreamweaver started to shut down unexpectedly each time I tried to start it.

After making sure that my computer was not affected by any virus or spyware I decided to reinstall the software. I went into the Control Panel -> Add/Remove programs -> Selected Dreamweaver 8 from the list and clicked on Change. The Dreamweaver 8 setup started and I selected the Remove option. A couple of seconds later the setup ended in success and the software was removed from the system.

I then installed a fresh copy and this time I changed the installation directory to a different drive. I restarted the computer but the problem remained which was very frustrating.

As the problem was definitely with my computer I Googled the problem I was facing and sure enough I found the solution in the second result on the first page. This sure was a very common problem indeed.

There is an updater package (updater 8.0.2) for Dreamweaver 8 provided on the Adobe website. You can download the updater package from Dreamweaver Support Center: Updaters.

I downloaded the one for Windows as I am using Windows 2003 server and the problem was resolved. Wow!!!

Here I was thinking of changing my editor from Dreamweaver 8 to some other one and the problem was resolved with some help from Google.

Hope the above helped.

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