Script to check for malware on your website

After seeing a couple of websites getting infected by malware I decided on creating a script  which would inform the owner and the concerned technical staff at the slightest change in the website file system structure.

The script does the following

1. Detects change in any script/file.
2. Notifies when a new script/file is added.
3. Creates a zip backup of the website so you can restore your website at any time.
4. Displays source of the script/file.

Following snap shot displays the file path, modified date/time and the row is highlighted if the modified date/time is less than 1 day.

File Scan Results

Following snap shot displays the source code for each file so that you know if any modifications have been made or not to the file.

File Scan Source

I have tested this script on both Linux and Windows and it has not given any issues. I have ran this on Zen Cart, WordPress, custom PHP websites and the results are promising. This should work equally well on other installations so if you would like access to this script then please let me know.

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