How to setup Magento store on your PC

If you going to start working on Magento (e-commerce package) then you can do the following steps and you will have your store ready in a jiffy.

1. First download the Magento e-commerce software from

2. Click on Download and you will be taken to

3. If you would like to register on the website then you can fill in the form. This will also help you to post questions on their forums should you require any help. As this post is mostly concerned with setting up your store then you can just click on “No thanks, take me to the download page”.

4. You will find several download options. We are concerned with the Full Installer here. Select the download file from the drop down and click on Download.

5. Please remember to make sure that your system fulfills the prerequisites mentioned on the following page:

6. Once the above steps are complete, you can start by opening the index.php file at the root and add the following line at the start of the file


7. This step is not necessary however on some systems I have seen that Magento takes a long time installing the database due to which script time out may occur. Magento has commented out DROP TABLE lines in the SQL that is executed while installation. So, it’s a good idea to do a Find-Replace as follows


Replace with : DROP TABLE

8. Now, you can run the index.php file in the browser and the installation process will start. You will be asked database related information, admin user information etc. which you can enter easily. The whole process will be complete in a couple of minutes and then you can browse your store.

9. On some local systems you may have a problem in logging into the admin panel. You can find the fix here

Hope the above helped. If you need any sort of help then do let me know.

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