How to setup ION Cube Loader on your Windows machine

If you are going to purchase a commercial PHP script from any 3rd party then chances are that they will provide you encoded PHP scripts which you cannot run directly on your computer as the interpreter will not be able to understand any thing and exit with an error.

Most commercial applications use or recommend ION Cube and in this post I will try to explain how to set it up on your computer.

First browse to

The website will automatically re-direct you to the loaders for ION Cube encoded files.

You can either download the loader for your OS and PHP installation or you can download the loader script which will detect your OS and PHP installation and display links of downloads to the loader files necessary for your computer. Click here to download the loader script

Once you have downloaded the zip file, extract it and copy the loader-wizard.php to any directory where you can run PHP and it will print out the problems on your screen as well as display links of files to download and setup on your computer so that ION Cube is configured correctly.

Download the zip files which ION Cube loader wizard displays on your computer screen.

Extract the zip package and copy the relevant DLL (Windows) file to the folder where you have all the other PHP DLLs.

Add a reference to this DLL file in your php.ini file as follows:

zend_extension = “<path to your PHP extras folder><ioncube loader dll>”

Please note this line should be the first line in your php.ini file.

Restart your web server and run the loader wizard file.

If all is well it should display a green success message that all went well.

Hope the above helped

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