How to implement CAPTCHA on Zencart registration forms?

A client of ours was facing an issue with spam registrations on his website. We had developed his website on Zencart. The issue was that spam bots were registering on his website in the hundreds and the client wanted us to put a stop to this.

I decided on implementing CAPTCHA on the registration forms so that these unwanted registrations are stopped. I browsed the Zencart website and found the CAPTCHA Anti-Robot Registration mod.

I downloaded and, as is the practice, copied the files to the relevant directories. After copying over the files, however, it was not working smoothly. I then made some changes to the includes/modules/create_account.php file and it started working on our local development machine.

After checking several times I moved the files to our production server. Our production server was running PHP 4.3.3 and the code stopped working online as it was developed keeping in mind PHP 5. I again made the changes in the includes/modules/create_account.php and includes/templates/<your_template_folder>/templates/tpl_modules_create_account.php file and it started working online too.

Just beware of PHP and its versions or you’ll get into a lot of trouble 🙂

Hope the above helped

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