How to display featured pages in WordPress

I was working on a WordPress website for a client and one of the client requirements was to display featured pages on the home page. If you do a Google for this term you are most likely to find results for featured posts, related posts etc. However I found one plugin which fit the requirements completely and that is the Featured Page Widget plugin.

I downloaded and installed it via the Install Plugin option within the WordPress panel. It has quite an easy to use interface and the best part was that it gave options to select featured pages as well as posts.

As you can see from above the plugin provides many options to setup how you require it to work on your WordPress website. Once these changes are done you can then use it as a widget or you can use it via code. Here we will discuss it’s usage via the widget section in WordPress.

The widget provides you the options to display the number of pages on a page, which pages to display on the page, the template to use for displaying the pages (customizable), the amount of content to display for each page as well as the featured image dimensions to configure. Please note that widget only allows featured images to show on the page.

You just have to save the settings now and see it action on your website. As I said it’s very easy to use and the benefits far outweigh any limitations it may have.

Let me know how it went for you. If you need my help in setting this up on your WordPress website then please let me know.

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