How to display address details of the customer in Zencart entered on PayPal

The following applies to customers who are using Zencart with PayPal IPN payment module. Customers have the option to change their address on PayPal after leaving the merchant website. When this happens and the customer enters an address which is not covered by the Seller Protection policy the merchant is in danger of facing chargeback in case the transaction turns out to be fraudulent.

To root out any such issues PayPal provides an option of PDT Payment Data Transfer. PDT is defined by PayPal as

Payment Data Transfer is a secure method to retrieve the details about a PayPal transaction so that you can display them to your customer.

To enable PDT:

1. Login to your PayPal account and click on Profile.
2. Click on Website Payment Preferences.
3. Enable Payment Data Transfer and copy the PDT token at the end of the page.

Copy the PDT token you see on the PayPal page and paste it into the Zencart PayPal IPN page as shown in the image below.

That’s it. Now PayPal IPN will send all customer information back to the merchant website. This option is already coded in the PayPal IPN module and it fetches the information and saves it into the “paypal” table in the database.

You can then reference the order_id in the “paypal” table and display the customer information in the admin panel. You can also check whether the address is confirmed or not under the address_status column.

Hope the above helped.

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