Add WordPress blog to your website in a day

Most of the time I see postings from clients where they require a blog to be added to their websites so they can update latest news regarding their website on it and keep the website “fresh” for search engines and visitors alike. We all know that if a website does not update its content regularly visitors tend to get bored and stop visiting altogether which is a loss of traffic. Same is the case with search engine crawlers and bots.

After some analysis I have found that this requirement usually comes from clients who are running static websites (HTML) or dynamic websites (PHP) without the feature of blog in them. Static website owners cannot update their website content as they are not that skillful in HTML. If they need to add some content they will need to pay someone to update their website content in HTML. Dynamic website owners have the benefit of updating their existing pages through a database but they too are unable to add new pages and articles.

Seeing how WordPress has become popular due to its search engine friendly features, the demand for having a blog on a website becomes more necessary than ever. So it’s better to ask some one to install and customize the WordPress blog on your website and the best part is that is costs less as well. Depending on the template you wish to replicate on your blog it will cost anywhere between $30 to $150 and that’s money well spent considering the benefits one gets afterwards.

If you need my help or you need examples of websites where I have added WordPress in the same theme and style then drop me a line.

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