What is the minimum mySQL version requirement for Zencart?

A client of mine developed his website in Zencart and after careful scrutiny approved the website for deployment to his production machine. He provided the FTP and mySQL information for us to deploy the website.

As is the practice, I check for any version conflicts that may conflict with our system before I give the signal to my team for deployment. Howsoever was I in for a shock. When I checked the mySQL version using the following statement


I got the result 4.1.x which was not compatible with our system. The minimum mySQL version supported by the latest Zencart version 1.3.8 is 4.3.x.

I at once updated the client of this and realizing his mistake he contacted his hosting support to have the issue resolved.

This just goes to show you that you need to check everything and not leave anything to others no matter who they are because mistakes can happen at any time and at any time. They don’t need a reason to come up so DON’T GIVE THEM THAT REASON.

Hope the above helped

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