How to move large sized mySQL database

We have all moved databases from one hosting machine to another by creating SQL dumps with PhpMyAdmin or any other mySQL desktop client on the source machine and then running those SQL scripts on the destination machine. This is fine when the size of the database is a few MBs. However when the size is several hundred MBs then it requires some other procedure. Below is one such procedure for moving a large sized mySQL database.

The following technique applies to mySQL database in which all tables store data in the MyISAM format.

1.  Go to the physical location where the mySQL database maintains its FRM and MDY files on the source machine.

2. Download all the files on which the database is based on.

3. Create database with same name on the destination machine.

4. Upload the files which you have downloaded.

5. Copy the files to the location where the mySQL database maintains the FRM and MDY files on the destination machine. PLEASE STOP mySQL SERVICE ON THE DESTINATION MACHINE BEFORE COPYING THE FILES.

6. Start the mySQL database.

You can start using the database as you normally would.

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