How to connect .NET with mySQL?

mySQL is one of the most widely used open source databases around the world. Today this is the database engine driving up to 90% of PHP driven websites on the web. PHP has been the first love of mySQL and it will always have a special place. However, with other technologies coming to the fore like .NET mySQL has come up with its own data provider to help connect .NET applications with mySQL easier.

Most .NET developers would answer that they would use ODBC to connect with mySQL. For that they would most probably download the ODBC driver from the mySQL website, install the driver and then connect the .NET application through it thereby making their application have to communicate with the ODBC and then the ODBC communicate with the mySQL driver which will only slow down performance.

mySQL now provides the Connector/NET drivers for .NET applications which can be downloaded directly from their website. Download the MSI and run it. It will register the MySQL.Data assembly into the Global Assembly Cache. ASP.NET developers would most probably have to place the assembly into their Bin folder and use it.

I have used .NET Connector 5.2 and it worked fantastic with ASP.NET. No performance issues nothing. The best part is that the syntax is similar to the SqlClient namespace so there’s no learning curve and you can start development at once.

Download the .NET Connector 5.2 driver from here

Hope the above helps

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