Code Igniter Web Developer

Code Igniter is one of the most popular PHP MVC frameworks being used in the industry now with lots of websites developed on it such as Trade Key, SBT Japan etc. The objective of developing Code Igniter was to have a small code base with all the required libraries needed on most websites on the internet such as shopping cart, email, caching etc. The framework was in danger of being orphaned when Ellislab (the creator of Code Igniter) decided to pull out from the project but after the British Columbia Institute of Technology stepped in it breathed a new life into it and the project is active more than before.

I have been working on Code Igniter for the past 4 years and have developed several websites on it. I have found it to be the ideal framework for all types of businesses to use for their websites due to its high security, maintainability and emphasis on the KISS (Keep It Simple Stupid) ideology.

The current version of Code Igniter is 3.x and version 4 is in the pipeline which judging from the structure of the project looks very intriguing and I for one am really geared up for its production release.

If you are interested in developing your website on Code Igniter or wish to add new features to your existing Code Igniter website or you would like me to maintain your Code Igniter website then please feel free to contact me