Add WordPress blog to your website in a day

Most of the time I see postings from clients where they require a blog to be added to their websites so they can update latest news regarding their website on it and keep the website “fresh” for search engines and visitors alike. We all know that if a website does not update its content regularly visitors tend to get bored and stop visiting altogether which is a loss of traffic. Same is the case with search engine crawlers and bots.

After some analysis I have found that this requirement usually comes from clients who are running static websites (HTML) or dynamic websites (PHP) without the feature of blog in them. Static website owners cannot update their website content as they are not that skillful in HTML. If they need to add some content they will need to pay someone to update their website content in HTML. Dynamic website owners have the benefit of updating their existing pages through a database but they too are unable to add new pages and articles.

Seeing how WordPress has become popular due to its search engine friendly features, the demand for having a blog on a website becomes more necessary than ever. So it’s better to ask some one to install and customize the WordPress blog on your website and the best part is that is costs less as well. Depending on the template you wish to replicate on your blog it will cost anywhere between $30 to $150 and that’s money well spent considering the benefits one gets afterwards.

If you need my help or you need examples of websites where I have added WordPress in the same theme and style then drop me a line.

Importance of optimizing your website for region based results

In this day and age where there are over 8 billion websites operating all around the world the competition has gone up tremendously. Today if you search for a product or service you will have a search count going over a million at the very least. This is a big number and with new websites coming up each day the chances of everyone gaining a good profit remains dim except for those listed in the first 3 organic result pages of leading search engines.

So, intelligent website owners have now started to optimize their websites for location based results or in other words focusing on local results.

Suppose you are based in New York and want to install a T1 connection at your home. Now go to and do a search for T1 costs. The following results are for March 5 2010.

You will get over 4.43 million results for T1 costs.

Now do a search for T1 costs New York you will get over 3.3 million results for T1 costs.

If you take a look at the results of the two results on Google you would find 2 things

1. The search results are quite different for both phrases. (Obvious but not always true)
2. The search results for the second phrase are offering the same service but their pages are optimized for a particular region.

Those who have optimized their websites for specific locations have an advantage over those who have optimized their website for the base phrase. They have

1. Lesser competition.
2. More visibility on search engine listings.
3. Increased traffic.

Moreover, if you think logically for just a second, a person sitting in New York is more likely to order the service from websites which are coming on top with T1 costs New York as he may think that they are offering the service from his city even though in all actuality the company he selects may well be on the East Coast.

So keep that in mind the next time you are optimizing your website.

How to specify canonical page for Google

If your website has some pages which have highly similar content then that may prove detrimental to your SEO efforts. How you may ask?

Take for example the following 3 URLs

As you may notice the page is the same in all 3 examples. Assume that the main function of the page is to display listing of products and the querystring parametres just change the order of listing of those products and Google indexes all 3 variations in its search engine.

With 3 variations of the same page indexed i.e. the main content of the pages being the same the said page will not rank high on Google as it may see that the page has nothing new to offer to the visitor. Even when things have changed now and Google says that its algorithm will display the correct page with respect to the search terms its better to play safe.

Google gives you the option of defining your canonical page. A canonical page is the preferred version of a set of pages with highly similar content.

If you take the above example of you can define the first page as the canonical page. To define it as such, open the page and go to the <head> section. Please the following line in the <head>

<link rel="canonical" href=""/>

Now, Google will know which page to treat as the canonical page i.e. the page to consider in its search results.

To read more you can view the following page on Google regarding canonical

Hope the above helped.

How can I quicken my link submission to directories

If you have submitted your website link to directories on the web you will have come across the following steps.

1. Finding a directory or directory category which fits your website theme.
2. Checking the PR level of the directory. This step may be overlooked sometimes.
3. Submitting your website detail to that website directory.

Now if you follow the above steps for 50 to 100 websites you will find that its very time consuming and frustrating if you are operating more than one website.

What SubmitEaze provides you is the following

1. Large list of quality directories and their relevant Google PR.
2. Prioritize link submission accordingly.
3. Use the Auto-Fill button to fill all your details with the click of a button. You don’t need to retype the same information over and over again.

Just by looking at the steps above you will see that you save a lot of time and effort by using the SubmitEaze software to do all your link submission.

I use SubmitEaze on a regular basis. Download your copy today

How to know when GoogleBot last visited my website

If you want to know when GoogleBot visited your website recently you can use any of the following ways to do so

1. Go through your web logs which Apache/IIS generate for your website. Scan for GoogleBot. A very crude way indeed.

2. If you have signed up for Google Sitemaps then you can login into your account and find out when did GoogleBot visit your website. Not only that you also get up to date indexed pages of your website in Google as well as any crawl errors (if any).

3. If you don’t have time for the above two then just go to GBotVisit. Enter your website URL and copy the code it generates into the footer of your website (its up to you where you want to place it). Now, you know in real time when GoogleBot visits your website.

Hope the above helps

Important factors for starting a high traffic website

Following points will help you on starting a high traffic website.

1. Firstly before doing anything think what would you like your website to do. Do you want a website which showcases your special talent or work or business or do you want to sell goods from it? Has anyone done this before? If someone has already done it is your idea much better than the original?

2. Secondly, think what should be the domain name of your website. Please note that the name should be catchy, short and if possible describe your business. People can’t remember the name of a website if it’s long and the name does not reflect what the website does.

3. Develop a website in the latest standard Web 2.0. You may ask that what the point of doing that is. It has everything to do with that. Now websites stress on more interactivity with the visitor. Look at Facebook, Alibaba and so on. The website should be scalable to support huge traffic.

4. After the website is complete then consult with a SEO company and discuss with them what you require. They will review your website and discuss the possible ways of optimizing and marketing your website.

5. It never harms to tell your relatives, friends and others about your website as word of mouth brings the initial traffic to your website. In this way they tell others and the number increases.

Hope the above helps you to start your high traffic website.