A new web development beginning

Forgive me for not posting any new topics on my blog as I have just switched jobs and I have not gotten a lot of time. Rest assured I will be starting my posts in the coming days and hope to provide useful knowledge on a wide range of topics. Stay tuned!!!!

Help.co.uk needs your help

Well it has finally happened. www.Help.co.uk has been taken offline and with that another website has gone down due to the ongoing recession which has shown no sign of abating. The poor and helpless people will be eying gloom and despair as the operations of hundreds of charities and fundraisers who were collecting and raising … Read more

How to motivate yourself

I use the following points to motivate myself whenever I feel down. Hope it helps others. 1. Follow a path to achieve your goal and stick to it. 2. Never quit what you have started. 3. Find friends or partners of similar interest. 4. Learn how to teach yourself. 5. Do something which is more … Read more