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A new web development beginning

Forgive me for not posting any new topics on my blog as I have just switched jobs and I have not gotten a lot of time. Rest assured I will be starting my posts in the coming days and hope

Steps to follow if you are about to lose your job in your company

If you come to know some day that your company is closing due to change of business vision, heavy losses due to recession or some very bad business decisions and you may be out of a job in a couple

How to remove malware code from your website in easy steps

From my experience, malware is the most dangerous thing to happen on your website as it does not take down your website like hackers do when they deface your website to prove their point. Malware is code placed on your

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Questions to ask yourself when developing a new product online

If you are an internet entrepreneur or businessman and thinking of launching a product or service to the public then you may need to ask yourself the following questions which will help streamline your thought process and maybe even help

How to add reminder to Outlook from a web page

Have you ever felt the need of buying an item or service while surfing the internet? The answer to that would obviously be YES but maybe you felt that you would like to buy it at some other time due

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Change your payment URLs from Protx to SagePay

After Protx was taken over by SagePay there have been many changes taking place in the overall look and working of the company. Once of these changes has been a change in the URLs of SagePay Form payment method. SagePay

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Classic example of hijab vs. no hijab

Hijab as defined on Wikipedia is A hijab is the head covering traditionally worn by Muslim women and modest Muslim styles of dress in general. This word has been very much in the news in Europe especially France where the

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Well it has finally happened. has been taken offline and with that another website has gone down due to the ongoing recession which has shown no sign of abating. The poor and helpless people will be eying gloom and

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Things to do for myself

Following are some of the things I have planned for myself MCTP Exams for ASP.NET and SQL Server PMP Preparation + Exam Get admission for MBA Mobile applications RIA Applications

How to motivate yourself

I use the following points to motivate myself whenever I feel down. Hope it helps others. 1. Follow a path to achieve your goal and stick to it. 2. Never quit what you have started. 3. Find friends or partners

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