How to send email from an external email account using GMail

If you would like to send email from an external email account you own using GMail then please follow the steps below.

  1. Login into your GMail account and click on Settings menu as show in the attached snap shot.GMail Settings Menu
  2. Then click on the Accounts and Import tab on the Settings page.GMail Accounts and Import
  3. Then click on Add another email address you own link as shown in the attached snap shot.GMail Add external email account - Step 1
  4. Once you click on it a popup opens up where you can enter the external email address from which you will send the email from.GMail Add external email account - Step 2
  5. After clicking on Next Step another page opens up which shows the mail server address as well as an option to add the password for that account.GMail Add external email account - Step 3
  6. If you entered the details correctly then GMail will send a verification code on that email address to verify whether you own that email address or not. If you own it then just go into that email account, check your email, copy the verification code sent by GMail in the input box and your account is all set up.GMail Add external email account - Step 4After completing the above steps you will now be able to send email from the email account you have just entered using GMail interface.

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How to remove your email from GMail spam folder

People doing email marketing have come across this many a times. Even after setting up your reverse DNS, SPF, DKIM records as well as setting up DMARC policy your email may not be arriving into the user’s inbox. It may be going into the spam/junk mail folder and your recipient may be oblivious to this fact as normally no one checks his/her spam folder for emails. The sender in this case should follow up the recipient via phone/Whatsapp or any other contact method besides email and tell them to check their spam/junk mail folder as well so they don’t miss out on the email.

If your recipient is a GMail user then you can ask them to take the steps below to remove your email from the Spam folder and instruct GMail to deliver the email to the recipient’s inbox.

Remove your email from GMail spam folder - Step 1

Remove your email from GMail spam folder - Step 2

Remove your email from GMail spam folder - Step 3

 Once you perform the above steps the chances of your email going into the recipient’s inbox increases.

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How to check the headers of the email received to confirm sender

As the internet grows and the businesses associated with it expand so do the security issues and if you are not alert you could end up with serious problems. I would like to share the following which happened to one of our employees and had his customer not been alert he would have lost a lot of money.

The company I work for requests customers to pay the amount for the car they are interested in buying via telegraph transfer. Our sales personnel forward the bank details to their customers so they can make payment. Once payment is received the car is shipped to the customer and the transaction is completed and every one lives happily ever after :).

However one day a customer of one of our sales team contacted him and inquired why the bank details had changed so quickly. The person in question was quite surprised by this and told him that there was no change in the bank details and they are the same. His customer then forwarded him the email which contained the new bank details. When our staff reviewed those details they were indeed changed and we asked the customer to not make any payment to those details. We then asked him to send us the snap shot of the headers of the email he had received.

After reviewing the snap shot of the email headers we found that some one had used to send the email with the new bank details.

If the customer had not been alert and if he had not contacted us he would have transferred the money to the wrong account and would have lost a lot of money.

Here is an example of the headers in the email sent out by in the email headers

Here is the website itself website

If you would like to see how many websites allow a person to generate fake emails and fake email addresses then you will be surprised by the numbers.

How to remove the PHPList IP address has changed error

If you are a regular user of PHPList then you may have come across the following problem sometime. This error occurs if the IP address through which you are connected to the internet changes any time during your login session in PHPList. If it does then PHPList will end your session and take you to the login screen as shown below with the error message in red “Your IP address has changed. For security reasons, please login again”.

PHPList IP address has changed error
PHPList IP address has changed error

This feature is enabled by default in PHPList and you can change it by downloading the config.php file from the config folder in the PHPList installation directory. Once you have downloaded it then please open it and search for CHECK_SESSIONIP. The value for this setting is set to 1 by default. You can change it to 0 and save the file and re-upload it. Now you will not face any problems related to this issue.

Check session IP setting in config.php of PHPList
Check session IP setting in config.php of PHPList

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How to remove Yahoo “temporarily deferred due to user complaints” restriction

If you or your company sends out bulk email to your customers frequently then you may have come across a situation where Yahoo may have blocked your emails from reaching its users. Most of the time the problem occurs when customer reports your email to Yahoo for spam. Once a specific number of people report your email to Yahoo for spam then Yahoo blocks your emails from reaching its users.

The bad news is that Yahoo does not notify you that your emails have been blocked and the only way you can check this is by checking your mail logs by logging into your WHM panel or you can use the Trace Email option in your cPanel. Just enter the email address of the customer and the system will display the message given out by Yahoo.

Yahoo temporary deferred message
Yahoo temporary deferred message

The message will most likely be in the format given below

SMTP error from remote mail server after MAIL FROM: SIZE=501178: host []: 421 4.7.0 [TS01] Messages from [] temporarily deferred due to user complaints

Yahoo itself states on its website that this problem is temporary and you should try sending email to Yahoo users after a gap of 4 or more hours however if the problem has not resolved then they ask you to submit a Yahoo Bulk Mail Sender form on their website.

Yahoo Bulk Mail Sender Form
Yahoo Bulk Mail Sender Form

Once you complete the form you will receive an acknowledgement from Yahoo.

Acknowledgment from Yahoo after completing bulk mail form
Acknowledgment from Yahoo after completing bulk mail form

I received a reply from Yahoo after 36 hours which stated that they have removed the restriction and now our email would be delivered to Yahoo users.

Response from Yahoo over bulk mail sender form after 36 hours
Response from Yahoo over bulk mail sender form after 36 hours

Hope the above helped.

Tips to improve your email delivery rate

After writing doing email marketing the right way, I thought of giving some more tips on improving your email delivery rate as well as increasing chances of your email being read by the end user. After all it won’t do you any good if the people you are sending the emails to aren’t receiving them in the first place.

Email subject should be mixed case

Many email marketers think that if they send the email with subject in upper case characters then the user would be forced to open the email and read it. Nothing could be farther from the truth. Mail servers using anti spam software send these type of emails to the junk mail/spam folder. Your target user would not receive it at all unless he checks his junk on a regular basis.

Email message should be normal font

You should use normal font size (10-12)  to write your email message. Avoid using bold font and using upper case words in your message. If you need to highlight something then make sure it is your offer such as the price, bulk discount etc.

Use as less images as possible

If you are promoting a product then make sure to use 1-3 good quality pictures in your email and try not to go above this. If you do then anti spam software may mark your email as spam and send it to the junk mail folder. Some people fill their whole email with pictures of their products thinking that it would bring a positive response from the recipient in terms of conversion. They forget that if the recipient does not receive the email in the first place then all their hard work would go to waste.

Personalize your email messages

Using the full name or the first name of the recipient when starting your email is a good way to personalize your message and give the recipient a feeling of 1 to 1 between you and him. Start your email with Dear <recipient name>, or if you know the appropriate salutation you can use Dear Mr./Mrs./Dr./Miss <recipient name> which would be more proper.

How to remove your mail server from Hotmail black list

I came to office on Monday and the guy from accounts came and told me that he is not able to send any email to his Hotmail account. I shrugged and thought that our mail server may have gotten blacklisted and that could be the reason why he was not able to send his emails. I checked the blacklist status of my website on and it came clean. I then sent an email to my Hotmail account and I got a Message Delivery Failure message with the following message.

Hotmail Blacklist Message
Hotmail Blacklist Message

I Googled and found that Hotmail has its own blacklist reporting service. The blacklist meant that we could not send any email to any Hotmail, Outlook and MSN email address and that is a big negative for our business as most people create accounts on these websites and we could lost money if we are unable to send them any email.

I then proceeded to and logged in with my Hotmail account. I logged in fine but I was not able to view any data for my mail server. It seemed like I had to request access to my mail server so I could then review the data they have against it. I clicked on Request Access link and got the following page:

Request access to view IP address logs
Request access to view IP address logs

Enter the IP address and click Submit and Hotmail will display the email address accounts on which they can provide you access to the logs. This is necessary as Hotmail cannot provide access to thee logs to every one.

Select email address to view logs
Select email address to view logs

Once you select the email address (please note that the chosen address must exist),  you will receive an email from Hotmail requesting you to confirm giving access to the person who has signed in through his Hotmail email account (in this case myself).

Hotmail IP log access request
Hotmail IP log access request

Once you click on the link to give you access Hotmail provides you complete log of the emails sent from your mail server. This is how it looks.

IP log report on Hotmail
IP log report on Hotmail

Once you know the reason why your IP address is blacklisted you can fill out the following form giving complete details about your mailing process, privacy policy, unsubscribe procedure etc.

Once you provide the complete details and you click on Submit button a ticket number will be generated like as follows

Ticket number
Ticket number

If all is well you will receive feedback on your ticket in the next 2-4 hours. I received reply after 30 minutes and the blacklist was removed promptly.

Hope the above helped some one.

Doing email marketing the right way

Email marketing is the most direct method of marketing and allows you to target your customers and/or subscribers in the shortest time possible. You are able to advertise your products/services to them and they have the chance to be the first set of people who buy from you. Even then there are some set of rules which you must follow so that you don’t end up spamming your customers and blacklisting your mail server.

1. Newsletter subscribe option

First you need to have a newsletter subscribe option on your website. Please bear in mind that email marketing is ethical and legal only if you are sending email to customers/subscribers who have explicitly expressed their intent of joining your newsletter. If you don’t have a newsletter subscribe option and you really want to send email to your users then you can place a newsletter opt-in option on your registration/sign up forms however you need to mention this on your website so that your customers know what they are getting into.

2. From: address

When sending emails to your subscribers make sure that the From: address in your email is that of your domain and not of any other website or email provider (like GMail, Hotmail, Yahoo etc). It would look highly unprofessional if you use another email address other than the one for your domain to send emails and it could get you blocked by your subscribers. Not only that this would be seen as attempts to spam your subscribers.

3. Contact information

If you are a legitimate business offering information about your products/services then you should mention your complete contact details in your newsletter so that people know who they are dealing with. They can use the contact details of your company to contact you and you may ultimately achieve a sale.

4. Unsubscribe option

The option to unsubscribe must always be available to your subscribers. It should be clearly visible on your email and the link should work i.e. if some one clicks the link then it should unsubscribe the user easily.  It would be preferable to have an unsubscribe option on your website as well. If you don’t have this option on your outgoing email then people can report you for sending out spam and your mail server may be blacklisted.

5. Plain text format

Most companies send out a very fancy and attractive newsletter template to their users. While this may all be good as it helps subscribers to view the offer in one go it may not help those who view their email in plain text. Some subscribers do not want to view graphics in their email and if you don’t send your email in plain text then you will simply lose out on a sizable number of subscribers.

6. Avoid BCC

Never enter and send emails to your subscriber from the BCC of your email. The technique of this method is put your email address in the From and To section and pack the BCC section with all your subscriber emails. Sending emails via this method is very dangerous as mail servers have become very intelligent and you may see some of your emails not being delivered to the recipient.

Last but not least check the USA CAN SPAM law of 2003 for more details on what you should not do when email marketing.

Hope the above helped.

Difference between POP and IMAP and which one should you choose

POP and IMAP are two protocols by which you are able to access/download emails from your mail server.

POP (Post Office Protocol) allows people to download copies of their email messages to their computer (provided the option to leave a copy of the mail message is enabled when setting up the account). If the option is not checked then the email itself is deleted from the mail server when it is downloaded to the computer. Any changes made to the mail message are only present on the computer on which the mail was downloaded and no one can see what changes were made and why.

IMAP (Internet Message Access Protocol) allows people to read emails as they arrive on the mail server. You are connected at all times to the mail server and any changes are visible to any one who log into that IMAP account. However if you are unable to connect to your mail server then the disadvantage of this protocol is that you are not able to read any emails (even those you downloaded via your email client like Outlook).

So which option should you choose?

You should based your answer based on the following options:

If you are the only person who is going to access/read all your emails then use POP otherwise use IMAP if multiple users are going to access the emails.

If you prefer to take backup of your emails yourself then use POP otherwise use IMAP.

If you are going to access your emails from one computer then use POP otherwise use IMAP if you access your emails from multiple computers/devices at multiple locations.

Hope the above helped you in understanding which option to choose and why.