How to change server time using WHM

If you are running a dedicated hosting server and you come across a situation where you see that the date time of the server is showing a time different from your regional timezone then you can change it easily from your WHM panel. Login into your WHM panel and then search for Server in the … Read more

How to add your website to Cloudflare

Cloudflare is an intelligent cloud network which protects your website from unwanted traffic such as crawlers and bots which may be using up your bandwidth but not doing you any good in terms of genuine traffic and leads. Not only that is also acts as a CDN and caches static resources on your website such … Read more

Tips to improve your email delivery rate

After writing doing email marketing the right way, I thought of giving some more tips on improving your email delivery rate as well as increasing chances of your email being read by the end user. After all it won’t do you any good if the people you are sending the emails to aren’t receiving┬áthem in … Read more