How to use Google Analytics Event Tracking to track your clicks and impressions

Most directory and listing websites on the internet need to record how many times their listings have been viewed by visitors and how many have clicked on them. Not only that they need to discount the impressions and clicks of search engine crawlers and spam bots from the actual data so that their data is … Read more

How to 301 redirect non-www URLs to www URLs using htaccess

If your website can be accessed by two different URLs then your website could be penalized for duplicate content by the search engines which would be costly in terms of your rankings. For e.g. if your website can be accessed by and then Google may deem it as duplicate content. Google provides a … Read more

How to 301 redirect SSL URLs to non-SSL URLs using .htaccess

If you would like to rewrite your SSL URLs to non-SSL URLs then please add the following code to your .htaccess file. RewriteCond %{SERVER_PORT} ^443$ RewriteRule ^(.*)$$1 [R=301,L] The above code should be used in the following conditions: 1. Your website used to run on https:// and now it does not use SSL. 2. … Read more

Avoid keyword stuffing with the help of keyword analysis tool

I have just developed a very simple keyword analysis tool which would allow visitors to check the number of keywords they have used in their web page/article/paragraph and in the process save themselves from committing keyword stuffing within their articles. It works by allowing visitor to enter the number of keywords (one on each line) … Read more

Google Affiliate Network: A new beginning

After seeing the success of,, people were expecting that Google would be launching itself in this domain in the near future. Google took its first step by acquiring DoubleClick Performics Affiliate operations in March 2008. Performics now acts as part of the Google Affiliate Network. If you would like to apply for … Read more