How to resolve the problem of Dreamweaver 8 closing down unexpectedly?

I came across an unusual problem a couple of days back. I use Macromedia Dreamweaver 8 for projects which involve HTML and PHP. My modus operandi is to create a site for each project. Now due to the number of projects this list had gone to a rather big number with the result that Dreamweaver started to shut down unexpectedly each time I tried to start it.

After making sure that my computer was not affected by any virus or spyware I decided to reinstall the software. I went into the Control Panel -> Add/Remove programs -> Selected Dreamweaver 8 from the list and clicked on Change. The Dreamweaver 8 setup started and I selected the Remove option. A couple of seconds later the setup ended in success and the software was removed from the system.

I then installed a fresh copy and this time I changed the installation directory to a different drive. I restarted the computer but the problem remained which was very frustrating.

As the problem was definitely with my computer I Googled the problem I was facing and sure enough I found the solution in the second result on the first page. This sure was a very common problem indeed.

There is an updater package (updater 8.0.2) for Dreamweaver 8 provided on the Adobe website. You can download the updater package from Dreamweaver Support Center: Updaters.

I downloaded the one for Windows as I am using Windows 2003 server and the problem was resolved. Wow!!!

Here I was thinking of changing my editor from Dreamweaver 8 to some other one and the problem was resolved with some help from Google.

Hope the above helped.

How to display map of UK postcode using MultiMap

If you would like to display map of UK postcode using MultiMap then its fairly easy however you’ll have to understand a bit how MultiMap does it.

First you will have to register as a developer on the website through the following URL

Once you have confirmed your account you can use the client API provided by them to use in your code. Now you can use the following code to display the map

<title>Testing the MultiMap API for displaying map of UK postcode</title>
 <script src="<ClIENT_API_HERE>" type="text/javascript"></script>
<script language="javascript" type="text/javascript">
        var mapviewer, marker, geocoder;
        var postcode_form;
        function onLoad() {
            mapviewer = MMFactory.createViewer( document.getElementById( 'mapviewer' ) );
            //mapviewer.goToPosition( new MMAddress( { 'qs' : 'London', 'country_code' : 'GB' } ) , 14 );
            mapviewer.goToPosition( new MMAddress( { 'country_code' : 'GB' } ) , 14 );
            container = document.getElementById ('mapviewer');
            pan_zoom_widget = new MMPanZoomWidget( new MMBox () );
            mapviewer.addWidget ( pan_zoom_widget );
            geocoder = new MMGeocoder( handleGeocodeResults );
        function geocodePostCodes() {
            var addresses = new Array;
            addresses.push( new MMAddress( { 'postal_code' : '<ENTER_POSTCODE_HERE>', 'country_code' : 'GB' } ) );
            if (addresses.length > 0)
                geocoder.geocode( addresses );
        function handleGeocodeResults( result_set ) {
            // Clear any old overlays from the map
            var markers = new Array;
            var addresses = result_set;
            // Iterate the addresses and create a marker for each one
            for (var i = 0, j = addresses.length; i < j; i++) {
                var result = addresses[i];
                for (var k = 0, l = result.length; k < l; k++) {
                    if (result[k] && result[k].coords) {
                        var marker = mapviewer.createMarker( result[k].coords );
                        marker.setInfoBoxContent( result[k].address.display_name );
                        markers.push( marker );
            // Auto scale the map
            var auto_scale = mapviewer.getAutoScaleLocation( markers );
            mapviewer.goToPosition( auto_scale );
        MMAttachEvent( window, 'load', onLoad );

Hope the above helped

What to do if you get “It is an error to use a section registered as allowDefinition=’MachineToApplication’ beyond application level. This error can be caused by a virtual directory not being configured as an application in IIS”

Please view the following URL for cause and resolution of this problem

Most of the times this occurs if you have a more than web.config defined in your sub folders.