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Never ignore page authority of your web pages

Web pages on your website have a page authority which are assigned by search engines and so even though they may seem like not generating a lot of traffic you should not ignore them and try to use them directly

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How to display featured pages in WordPress

I was working on a WordPress website for a client and one of the client requirements was to display featured pages on the home page. If you do a Google for this term you are most likely to find results

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Add WordPress blog to your website in a day

Most of the time I see postings from clients where they require a blog to be added to their websites so they can update latest news regarding their website on it and keep the website “fresh” for search engines and

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How I saved my WordPress blog from hackers

I always read about websites getting hacked and thought to myself “Hey these guys should spend some time on securing their websites”. I always thought that I would not be hacked as I did not leave my passwords on public

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How to display specific content on the post page only?

After completing the custom field to display unique content work I found out that there was a problem. The problem was not with the functionality which I had just coded rather it was with how it was working. Problem was

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How to use custom fields in WordPress to display unique content in your post

A client of mine requested for a feature to control a section of the post. He was basically an SEO and he wanted his posts to look unique to search engines so that they get better rankings on them. As

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How to customize the theme of your WordPress registration page

After implementing the theme on WordPress the client asked for the default WordPress registration page to be also completed in the same theme. He had a point in that the WordPress registration page will look very out to the visitor

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New wordpress theme implemented on

Today I changed the theme of my blog. I sat down in the morning and downloaded WordPress and went to work on developing my own theme. After a couple of hours here is what you see. It is not fancy

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