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How to resolve “I am unable to logout from my Joomla website” problem

A new solicitor firm based in the UK signed up for website maintenance with our company. The website had been developed in Joomla and running for the past 1 year. The first issue they reported was that their members were

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How to resolve the empty confirmCode issue in Joomla

I was working on a client website based on Joomla. When any member registered on the website an email was sent to the member’s email address to verify his account. The email was coming up fine but the confirmCode variable

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Customize menus in Joomla 1.5

Joomla 1.5 has come a long way since Joomla 1.2. Earlier if you had to customize a module you had two choices: 1. Edit code in the actual module file. 2. Write custom code to implement the functionality. Choosing either

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