How to export to Excel from HTML using PHP

I had a recent requirement of exporting a report in HTML to an Excel file using PHP. Now, there is no built in PHP extension which can help us in this regard. So the option that remains is to allow the web server to download the Excel file to user’s computer and that would be … Read more

How to save Japanese characters in a mySQL table

I had to save Japanese characters in a CSV file to a mySQL table and then display those characters on another page. I created a table in mySQL and converted the table collation and character set to utf8. I use community version of sqlyog as a mySQL client. You can change the collation and character … Read more

How to edit an existing PDF using PHP

A couple of weeks back I was asked to edit an existing PDF file and make changes to the content and save it back as a new PDF file. Now nearly every one knows how to create a new PDF file using PHP either by generating HTML and then converting to PDF or writing PDF … Read more

How to setup ION Cube Loader on your Windows machine

If you are going to purchase a commercial PHP script from any 3rd party then chances are that they will provide you encoded PHP scripts which you cannot run directly on your computer as the interpreter will not be able to understand any thing and exit with an error. Most commercial applications use or recommend … Read more

Business VCard QR Code Generator Script

You may have heard of QR Codes. QR Codes are Quick Response codes which help people using mobile phones to fetch information quickly instead of typing them. This helps save time and effort for the visitor and helps you to give more information regarding your product and service. If you visit my website you … Read more

PHP Calendar Script

I have developed a calendar script in PHP which you can use on your own websites/pages. The script is very basic in that it allows you to view the days and dates of a particular month and year just by selecting the appropriate value from the drop downs. You can check out the calendar in … Read more

How to download data as a CSV file using PHP

PHP has a very good function fgetcsv to read a CSV file and return each column as an array for processing in the code. However there is no similar function to convert the same data into a CSV file. You will actually have to write some PHP code for this purpose. Check the following code … Read more